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  1. TitleAusterity : when it works and when it doesn't / Alberto Alesina, Carlo Favero, and Francesco Giavazzi
    Author Alesina, Alberto, 1957- (Author)
    Another authors Favero, Carlo A., 1962- (Author)
    Giavazzi, Francesco, 1949- (Author)
    PublicationNew York : Princeton University Press, [2019]
    Copyright notice date©2019
    Scopexii, 276 stran : ilustrace (některé barevné) ; 25 cm
    CountryUnited States
    Portion of titleWhen it works and when it doesn't
    NoteObsahuje bibliografii a rejstřík
    Annotation"Fiscal austerity is hugely controversial. Opponents argue that it can trigger downward growth spirals and become self-defeating. Supporters argue that budget deficits have to be tackled aggressively at all times and at all costs. Looking at thousands of fiscal measures adopted by sixteen advanced economies since the late 1970s, "Austerity" assesses the relative effectiveness of tax increases and spending cuts at reducing debt. It shows that spending cuts have much smaller costs in terms of output losses than tax increases. Spending cuts can sometimes be associated with output gains in the case of expansionary austerity and are much more successful than tax increases at reducing the growth of debt. The authors also show that austerity is not necessarily the kiss of death for political careers as is often believed, and provide new insights into the recent cases of European austerity after the financial crisis." --Cover
    Výrazy tezauru politika úsporných opatření * měnová krize * hospodářská recese * fiskální politika * veřejné finance * Evropa
    Klasifikační znaky1606 - Hospodářská politika
    2446 - Daňová soustava
    2406 - Měnové vztahy
    2436 - Veřejné finance a rozpočtová politika
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    Document kindKolektivní monografie


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