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  1. TitlePolitical Islam and the Arab uprising : islamist politics in changing times / Fazzur Rahman Siddiqui
    Author Siddiqui, Fazur Rahman (Author)
    IssueFirst published
    PublicationLos Angeles ; London ; New Delhi ; Singapore ; Washington DC ; Melbourne : Sage, 2017
    Scope339 stran ; 23 cm
    CountryUnited States ; United Kingdom ; India ; Singapore ; United States ; Australia
    NoteObsahuje bibliografické odkazy, bibliografii a rejstřík
    Annotation"Delving into the history of political Islam in the colonial period, this book shows how the idea of modernity, intense interaction, contestation and engagement between Islamist forces and the emerging democratic voices in the region have contributed to the recent Arab uprising. While investigating the role of religion in shaping the unfolding political situation in the Arab world it also discusses the future of political Islam. This is an ethnographic study encompassing the contestation between political Islam and the secular polity of the past and present, as well as the reconciliation between post-Arab spring politics and new Islamist forces in the region." --Cover
    Výrazy tezauru islám * islámský stát * politická ideologie * politický život * náboženský fundamentalismus * Arabské jaro (2010 - ) * 20. století * 1. desetiletí 21. století * 2. desetiletí 21. století
    Klasifikační znaky2831 - Kultura a náboženství
    0406 - Politický rámec
    0431 - Politický život a bezpečnost veřejnosti
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    URLPolitical Islam and the Arab Uprising (náhled do publikace / Google Books)
    Document kindMonografie
    Political Islam and the Arab uprising


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    Political Islam and the Arab uprising