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  1. TitleParliamentarism and democratic theory : historical and contemporary perspectives / Kari Palonen, José María Rosales (eds.)
    Another authors Palonen, Kari, 1947- (Editor)
    Rosales , José Maria (Editor)
    PublicationOpladen ; Berlin ; Toronto : Barbara Budrich Publishers, 2015
    Scope324 stran ; 21 cm
    CountryGermany ; Canada
    NoteObsahuje bibliografie, bibliografické odkazy a rejstřík
    Výrazy tezauru parlament * parlamentní zřízení * demokracie * politické chování * občanská společnost
    Klasifikační znaky0406 - Politický rámec
    0421 - Parlament
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    Document kindKolektivní monografie


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  2. TitleThe politics of parliamentary procedure : the formation of the Westminster procedure as a parliamentary ideal type / Kari Palonen
    Author Palonen, Kari, 1947- (Author)
    PublicationOpladen ; Berlin ; Toronto : Barbara Budrich Publishers, 2014
    Scope274 stran ; 22 cm
    CountryGermany ; Canada
    NoteObsahuje bibliografii a rejstřík
    Annotation"Currently, parliament as a political institution does not enjoy the best reputation. This book aims to recover less known political resources of the parliamentary mode of proceeding. The parliamentary procedure relies on regulating debates in a fair way and on constructing opposed perspectives on the agenda items. The British House of Commons provides the closest historical approximation for the parliamentary ideal type of politics. This book deals with the formation and conceptual change in the Westminster procedure, based on the way they are interpreted in the tracts on procedure. The tracts illustrate the changing parliamentary self-understanding from the 1570s to the present and the growing political role of procedural disputes. The parliamentary style of politics, as discussed in the tracts, can be divided into two genres: the politics of agenda-setting and the politics of debate."--Cover
    Výrazy tezauru parlamentní proces * národní parlament * Spojené království * parlamentní rozprava * studie práce
    Klasifikační znaky0426 - Práce parlamentu
    0421 - Parlament
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    Document kindMonografie
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