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  1. NázevAccessing asylum in Europe : extraterritorial border controls and refugee rights under EU law / Violeta Moreno-Lax
    Autor Moreno Lax, Violeta (Autor)
    VydáníFirst edition
    NakladatelOxford : Oxford University Press, [2017]
    Rozsahlxvii, 550 stran ; 24 cm
    Země vyd.Velká Británie
    Jazyk dok.Angličtina
    Edice Oxford studies in European law
    PoznámkyObsahuje bibliografii, bibliografické odkazy a rejstřík
    Anotace"Europe is currently experiencing a so-called "refugee crisis," demonstrated by millions of displaced people unseen since World War II. This book examines the interface between the EU's response to irregular flows, in particular the main extraterritorial border and migration controls taken by the Member States, and the rights asylum seekers acquire from EU law. The book also thoroughly analyses the rights recognised by the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights to persons in need of international protection, inclusive of the principle of non-refoulement, the right to leave any country including one's own, the right to asylum, and the right to remedies and effective judicial protection. The fundamental focus of the book is the relationship between the aforementioned border and migration controls and the rights of asylum seekers and, most importantly, how these rights (should) limit the scope of such measures and the ways in which they are implemented. The ultimate goal is to conclude whether the current series of extraterritorial mechanisms of pre-entry vetting is compatible in EU law with the EU rights of refugees and forced migrants." -- Cover
    Výrazy tezauru uprchlík * azylové právo * migrace * hraniční kontrola * Schengenská dohoda * vízová politika * Evropská unie
    Klasifikační znaky2811 - Migrace
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    0431 - Politický život a bezpečnost veřejnosti
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    Accessing asylum in Europe