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  1. NázevPolitical institutions and party-directed corruption in South America : stealing for the team / Daniel W. Gingerich
    Autor Gingerich, Daniel W., 1977- (Autor)
    VydáníFirst published
    NakladatelNew York : Cambridge University Press, 2013
    Rozsahxviii, 282 stran : ilustrace ; 24 cm
    Země vyd.Spojené státy americké
    Jazyk dok.Angličtina
    Edice Political economy of institutions and decisions
    PoznámkyObsah: Institutions and political corruption: a framework--Institutional design and the case for mechanism-based analysis--Ballot structure, political corruption, and the performance of proportional representation --An approach to overcoming the fundamental problem of inference in corruption studies--Political career paths in the bureaucracy and the use of institutional resources in Bolivia, Brazil, and Chile--Conclusion
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    Anotace"An important question for the health and longevity of democratic governance is how institutions may be fashioned to prevent electoral victors from drawing on the resources of the state to perpetuate themselves in power. This book addresses the issue by examining how the structure of electoral institutions - the rules of democratic contestation that determine the manner in which citizens choose their representatives - affects political corruption, defined as the abuse of state power or resources for campaign finance or party-building purposes. To this end, the book develops a novel theoretical framework that examines electoral institutions as a potential vehicle for political parties to exploit the state as a source of political finance. Hypotheses derived from this framework are assessed using an unprecedented public employees' survey conducted by the author in Bolivia, Brazil, and Chile"--Cover
    Výrazy tezauru korupce * politická morálka * politická strana * Jižní Amerika
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    0431 - Politický život a bezpečnost veřejnosti
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    URLPolitical institutions and party-directed corruption in South America (náhled do publikace / Google Books)
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    Political institutions and party-directed corruption in South America