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  1. NázevParliaments and coalitions : the role of legislative institutions in multiparty governance / Lanny W. Martin, Georg Vanberg
    Autor Martin, Lanny W. (Autor)
    Další autoři Vanberg, Georg, 1971- (Autor)
    European Consortium for Political Research
    Vydání1st ed.
    NakladatelOxford : Oxford University Press, 2011
    Rozsahxi, 174 s. ; 24 cm
    Země vyd.Velká Británie
    Jazyk dok.Angličtina
    Edice Comparative politics
    PoznámkyPod názvem: ecpr
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    Anotace"Coalition governments are the norm in most of the world's parliamentary democracies. Because these governments are comprised of multiple political parties, they are subject to tensions that are largely absent under single-party government. The pressures of electoral competition and the necessity of delegating substantial authority to ministers affiliated with specific parties threaten the compromise agreements that are at the heart of coalition governance. The central argument of Parliaments and Coalitionsis that strong legislative institutions play a critical role in allowing parties to deal with these tensions and to enforce coalition bargains. Based on an analysis of roughly 1,300 government bills across five democracies (Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, and the Netherlands), the book paints a detailed picture of the treatment of government legislation in contemporary parliaments.
    Výrazy tezauru politická koalice * vláda * parlament * demokracie
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    0421 - Parlament
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    URLParliaments and coalitions (náhled do publikace / Google Books)
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