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  1. NázevE-voting handbook : key steps in the implementation of e-enabled elections / [Susanne Caarls]
    Autor Caarls, Susanne (Autor)
    NakladatelStrasbourg : Council of Europe Publishing, c2010
    Rozsah60 s. ; 21 cm
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    Jazyk dok.Angličtina
    PoznámkyObsah: 1. Different types of electronic tool--2. Points to consider before introducing e-voting --3. Pre-electoral period (preparations)--4. Electoral period (operations)--5. Post-electoral period (strategies)--Appendix I: Glossary of terms--Appendix II: Bibliography
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    Anotace"The use of electronic voting systems has caused controversy in the media and among the general public, and has even come under the scrutiny of the law courts. It has become clear that the uncertainties surrounding the introduction of e-voting are rarely of a technical nature, but primarily raise political and societal concerns. The key issue is to ensure that the principles of free and fair elections are upheld, regardless of the voting method chosen. This handbook is written for governments and organisations considering whether or not to conduct e-voting pilot schemes and trials or to make e-voting a feature of their electoral system. It reviews relevant issues such as building and safeguarding trust in the system, the value of open-source software and the implications of a voter verifiable audit paper trail. Concrete e-voting issues are discussed in the framework of the electoral cycle."-CoE
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    URL E-voting handbook (plný text)
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